Detection of Ascaris suum on Visayan warty pig Sus cebifrons in Negros Island, Philippines: A case report

Wilfredo V. Andico Jr.
Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology, Philippines
Corresponding Email: [email protected]

This paper presents a report on the occurrence, gross pathology and transmissibility of Ascaris suum on Visayan warty pig in Negros Island, Philippines. An approximately 3-year-old Visayan warty pig was presented for death examination. History revealed that the animal was rescued from the local hunters, and is enclosed in a pen with soil flooring, fed with fruits and root crops, and, without veterinary care, was given even prior to the onset of the disease. Gross pathology revealed extensive ecchymoses in the left dorso-caudal lung lobe and multifocal fibrosis on other parts. Multifocal splenic infarctions, empty stomach, and mild fibrosis in the liver parenchyma were observed. The entire small intestine displayed catarrhal enteritis, accompanied by mucosal reddening, and numerous adult stages of Ascaris suum were identified. The results of the case showed that the transmissibility of A.suum in Visayan warty pig is generally the same on what is reported on domestic pigs. Furthermore, this case poses a public health threat due to its zoonotic potential, which is of greater concern compared to the transmissibility of the parasite in domestic pigs due to the nature of living by the Visayan warty pig. As a result, various preventive measures involving innovations in agriculture in rural areas and modifications in the attitude of every person living in the vulnerable place are formulated. To the author’s knowledge, this is the first report of A.suum infection in Negros Island, Philippines, and this should raise awareness among veterinarians, animal conservationists, and public health experts to consider A. suum infection as part of differentials whenever the same case will happen.

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