Epigenetic discrimination of Lebanese monozygotic and dizygotic twins: Summarized notes in a single paper

Paula Romanos1, Jamilah Borjac2
Beirut Arab University, Debbieh, Lebanon
Corresponding email: [email protected]

Monozygotic twins’ differentiation is worldwide limited due to the fact that they share the same genotype. For forensic purposes, many studies involving monozygotic twins were accomplished. Comparative studies including dizygotic twins were also performed. In Lebanon, the use of rapidly mutating Y-STRs was unsuccessful in differentiating the male monozygotic twins. Only the epigenetic treatment using the bisulfite reaction and the HRMC technique was helpful in twins’ discrimination. The wide range of data we needed in our publications was hardly obtained by different kinds of resources. It is an effort and time-consuming to search for information in many research articles, reviews, short communication. The aim of this paper is to summarize many notes in order to minimize the time spent by researchers interested in twins’ discrimination research.

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