Improving grade five students’ recreational reading habits: An action research

Lobzang Cheki, Karma Rinzin, Pema Desi, Yeshi Yangtsho, Sonam Gyaltshen
Corresponding email: [email protected]


Reading is vital for learning. It makes a reader more empathetic, knowledgeable, and creative and stimulates imagination. It also helps in boosting communication, improving vocabulary and helps to discover the world. Given this context, the present study seeks to improve grade five students’ recreational reading habits through measures such as uninterrupted sustained silent reading, creating reading corner and providing reading incentives. Grounded on the pragmatism paradigm, the study employs convergent parallel design. The quantitative and qualitative data were collected through survey of 25 students and six students, respectively. The quantitative data was analysed using descriptive statistics. The qualitative data from interview were used to support the findings of quantitative data. The result of the current study revealed that intervention measures employed for this study are effective in enhancing grade five students’ attitude towards reading. The recreational reading habits also improved after implementing the intervention measures. In addition, it was also found that reading incentives motivates students the most followed by uninterrupted sustained silent reading. Therefore, teachers and parents need to encourage students to read by creating reading platform and providing incentives for the students to enhance their recreational reading habits.

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