Improving the 5S rating of a public high school in Baguio city, Philippines through a university community extension program 

Geraldine G. Nerona
[email protected]


5S (SORT, SET, SHINE, STANDARDIZE, SUSTAIN) implementation in a public high school of Baguio City is a community extension program of the Industrial Engineering department of Saint Louis University. The goal of this program is to address the cluttered and unorganized classrooms that also resulted to some safety issues in the school. The role of the faculty of the university was to provide training to the teachers and staff of the high school, develop activities pertinent to each level of the 5S program, guide and monitor the teachers and staff throughout the implementation of the 5S program, make periodic reports and do the impact assessment. Direct assessment was used to measure the 5S ratings of the classrooms before and after the extension program. Qualitative assessment was used to measure the impact of the extension program in increasing knowledge level and applying 5S in the school setting. The paired t-test indicated a significant improvement in the 5S rating of the school from “minimal acceptable level” to “excellent” after implementation of the extension program. The qualitative assessment results indicated that the teachers found the extension program “definitely useful” in meeting their needs for information, “significantly increased their knowledge” about 5S, and that they “definitely plan to adopt/continue with the program” in the future. The experiences shared by the teachers reveal the changes that they have undergone in the way they do things as a result of learning about 5S. Their personal account of the changes they underwent is evidence of shift in behavior as a result of imbibing 5S into their system.

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