Level of nationalism and level of heritage conservation of pre-service teachers

Ginuel Janzent Alcantara, Jherwin P. Hermosa
Corresponding email: [email protected]


The study was an attempt to determine the respondent’s perception on level of nationalism in terms of preservation, restoration, heritage built, safeguarding historical places, and property value. Using a descriptive[1]correlation method of research, it involved 200 pre-service teachers from Southern Luzon State University – Lucban during the academic year 2021-2022. The adapted-modified questionnaire was utilized to gather the needed data. The results of the test of the relationship between nationalism and heritage conservation among pre-service teachers indicate that there is a significant positive relationship between the respondents’ levels of nationalism and level of heritage conservation. This suggests that as students’ nationalism grows, also their awareness to heritage conservation increases. This research suggests that the College of Teacher Education may provide opportunities among the pre-service teachers to strengthen their nationalism and participation in heritage conservation as part of the curriculum contents of the subject in Social Sciences. Pre-service teachers may be encouraged to inculcate the value of heritage in their students through learning activities in face-to-face, blended learning, modular distance learning, or online media platforms in their teaching of the subject in social science. Pre-service teachers may be encouraged to participate on different activities related to heritage conservation that encourage positive relationships and nationalism. Future researchers may utilize this research work as basis in conducting similar studies.

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