Mobile language learning apps during COVID-19 pandemic: A literature review based study 

Rustam Haidov, Emrah Soykan
Near East University, English Language Education, Cyprus/ New Jersey, USA
Near East University, Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Cyprus
Corresponding Email: [email protected]

The entire world has come under the influence of a novel pandemic crisis, COVID-19, which has affected the human lives at a large scale. Educational setup and the whole realm of learning also have also suffered a lot worldwide and a major change in the mode of learning has been seen in response to the major crisis. Virtual learning has come in power, which takes into account the crucial role of language-learning mobile applications. Language learning mobile applications has served a large population in the current crisis with their learning benefits. A wide range of language learning mobile apps is available in the app stores, which are being downloaded by incalculable number of language learning aspirants on daily basis. These apps have a remarkably positive influence on the foreign language learners regarding the ease of providing a self-paced learning opportunity along with uplifting the motivational level of language learners. The role of mobile language learning apps and their potential advantageous impact has been discussed, which especially proves significant during the COVID-19 crisis where life is going through various restrictive measures. No matter, the importance of face-to-face language instructions and practice involving direct feedback cannot be overlooked but the virtual or distant language learning via mobile apps bring remarkable progress among the foreign language learners, especially during the adverse crisis, COVID-19, the phenomenon of learning foreign languages via mobile apps is absolutely worthwhile.

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