Relationship of customers’ satisfaction and loyalty on Shariah-compliant hotel in Shah Alam Malaysia

Ahmad Pitra, Ahmad Albattat
Jakarta Global University, Indonesia
Management and Science University, Malaysia
Corresponding email: [email protected]

Along with the development of a business hotel in Malaysia, which makes it an effort to improve customer satisfaction factor. Malaysia is the one of Target Islamic Tourism with total number of visitors are from various countries such as Indonesia, Brunei, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Arab and other Middle Eastern countries. Moreover, it will lead to a new innovation in the hospitality industry in the concept of Shariah-Compliant Hotel (SCH). Malaysia is the one of the largest Muslim population that has a good opportunity for developing new innovative market of Islamic hotel. Shah Alam has two hotels that were implementing Shariah-Compliant Hotel concept (SCH) such as Grand Bluewave hotel & Depalma Ampang hotel. Therefore, this research was used simple random sampling method with a total sample of 207 respondents to be answered 52 statements or questions in the form of surveys. Through this study, we will emphasize on factors that support customer satisfaction such as facilities, restaurants, grooming staff and building design. Overall, all variables, received a better response from respondents, more than four (4, Agree). Therefore, these four variables are crucial to the satisfaction of customers who will maintain service quality that can affect to customer loyalty

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