The competency level of research students in writing research paper: Basis for recalibrating the research curriculum in the junior high school level

Julie Ann B. Real
Philippine School Doha, Qatar
[email protected]

Writing a research paper is one of the major activities in educational institutions. In order to promote quality, the research writing process should be considered. This study aims to explore the specific research part where the students have difficulty writing the research paper. Identifying the weakest point can lead to the success of the research writing process. This study made an assessment of the competency level of the research students in writing their research paper. It utilized the quantitative descriptive method and followed the purposive sampling technique, wherein the lead researchers and writers were chosen as respondents in the study. Data revealed that females dominated the number of research leaders, and showed that the experimental research design was preferred by the research students. Moreso, it was revealed that students had difficulty in citing related literature and studies; writing the research questions in the Statement of the Problem; interpreting data; and formulating the research title. The recalibration of the research curriculum and integration of research parts with other subjects are recommended.

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