The influence of e-commerce adoption on the success of MSMEs in Empat Lawang Regency in the Covid-19 pandemic

Revita Desi Hertin
[email protected]


Technological developments in today’s modern era are increasing and spreading widely in society. This also has an impact on the business world in Indonesia, especially on how to purchase from conventional/direct purchases to online purchases using social media platforms and e[1]commerce platforms in Indonesia. This should be in line with the marketing strategy for business people in regions in Indonesia. A new marketing strategy must be carried out by business players in the industrial 4.0 era, the large number of competitors encourages all business players to provide new breakthroughs in the buying and selling process, including marketing products/services on e-commerce platforms and social media market places. Features in e-commerce such as lower prices, review features that make it easy to see product quality, and more complete product descriptions make it the right platform for buyers who want to buy goods online where activities occur more effectively and efficiently. This study aims to examine the influence of e-commerce in the progress of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Empat Lawang Regency during the Covid-19 pandemic. Using several variables, namely accessibility, price, and quality of goods, they are included in a questionnaire distributed to MSME actors in Empat Lawang Regency. The results of this study indicate that all variables in this study have a positive effect on sales at UKMK in Empat Lawang and show the importance of using new methods in sales. In future research, it is expected to be able to add several variables to see the relationship with sales using e-commerce.

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