The role of school in forming a local culture-based education environment in indigenous school

Tria Ina Utari
[email protected]


Purpose: Schools faced the philosophy of life and the existence of local culture which has become a local indigenous perspective. This paper aims to reflect on the role that schools play in shaping the local culturebased educational environment. Using the narrative inquiry method (qualitative research), and data collection through in-depth interviews and documentation studies. Data analysis including condensation, presentation, conclusion and verification. The results show that the role of schools in shaping local culture-based education through sympathetic and affirmative policies on indigenous children, indigenous teachers, and local indigenous youth. The educational environment based on local culture such as the terms pela-gandong, ale rasa-beta rasa, potong dikuku rasa didaging, sago salempang patah dua which is the philosophy of life of local culture, can be absorbed in increasing the affection of all elements in the school through the practice of caring attitudes, a sense of brotherhood, respect, and togetherness. This research increases insights in educational institutions that are in an indigenous environment, by studying and adopting local culture-based education questions. This research can bridge the gap between indigenous peoples’ marginality and educational progress, especially in indigenous.

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