Development and validation of multimedia-based instructional module in Science 7

Christian R. Basilio, Eivan Mark S. Sigua
Tinajero National High School Annex-Department of Education, Philippines
College of Education-Pampanga State Agricultural University, Philippines
Corresponding Email: [email protected]

This study aimed to develop and validate a multimedia-based instructional module in Science 7. This was initiated as a response to the poor performance of Filipino learners on international and national standard assessments in Science. A descriptive approach of research was utilized in developing and validating the module. Each lesson in the module consisted of the following parts: learning objectives, pretest, discussion of the topic, activities, posttest, and references. The development of the module underwent four phases: planning, content validation and analysis, designing, and development. The Lawshe’s content validity formula was used in determining the essential learning competencies that were included in the module. A validation tool was used by ten experts in validating the content, design/format, technical/technological, and pedagogical aspect of the module. Results of the study showed that all of the validators agreed that the developed multimedia-based instructional module in Science 7 met all the criteria found in each parameter on the validation tool. Therefore, it was concluded that the developed multimedia-based instructional module can be used as instructional material by Science 7 learners.

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