Determination of the optimal location for maximizing wind energy generation in Northern Nigeria

Samuel Oluyemi Owoeye, Duada Mokolade Raheem, Abiodun Abideen Yussouff, Quadri Ademola Mumuni
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The global energy consumption has surged from the minimal requirements of primitive societies to today’s extensive needs, which are being met primarily by fossil fuels. However, the environmental impact of these fuels, emitting greenhouse gases and contributing to global warming, prompts a reevaluation. Renewable energy is becoming an essential alternative energy source, and wind energy is one of the viable options. This study investigates the viability of wind energy in Northern Nigeria as a safer alternative to fossil fuel-based energy generation. Comprehensive wind data of two decades was obtained for six stations across three geographical zones in Northern Nigeria, detailing hourly readings at 10-meter and 80-meter heights. The study determined monthly and yearly wind speeds, as well as wind power density (WPD) at 10 meters per station. Results unveiled the regional distribution of mean wind speed, ranging from the highest in Jos (9.9 m/s) to the lowest in Yola (1.86 m/s). Employing diverse wind turbine models, including Acciona 70/1500 class I, GE 1.6-100, and Samsung 2.5/90, the study evaluated the Annual Energy Output and Net Capacity Factor. Notably, Jos exhibited the highest WPD (1402 W/m²), contrasting with Yola’s lowest (15.9 W/m²) at 80 meters. The findings indicate that Sokoto, Kano and Jos possess enough potential capable of generating electricity for integration into the national grid, while the remaining stations hold sufficient wind energy potential suitable for powering irrigation devices and other agricultural activities. It is recommended that the areas with high potential for wind energy should be harnessed into the national grid by the Government by providing funds to actualise this project on a large scale for the nation.

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