Family engagement: Partnering with families towards agricultural promotion and environmental protection

Arman S. Martorillas, Samson M. Lausa, Aireen Jane L. Martorillas
Corresponding email: [email protected]


Agriculture plays a significant role in food security and economic development while environmental education puts an emphasis on ensuring a healthier place to live with. This study seeks to determine the family’s engagement in agricultural promotion and environmental protection in one Sitio of Sagay City, Negros Occidental. A quantitativedescriptive method utilizing survey questionnaire was administered to 51 families during the last semester of 2021-2022. The families are moderately promoting agriculture while well-engaged in environmental protection. No significant difference exists in promoting agriculture as to profile except for the educational attainment of the mother and the father. The participants’ profile does not influence the family’s engagement in environmental protection. Results disclosed that families vary in their engagement in promoting agriculture and environmental protection. A comprehensive sectoral partnership plan and program may be implemented for sustainable engagement improving societal outcomes and achieving sustainable development goal/s.

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