Enhancing student admissions management efficiency through digital transformation: A case study using a no-code development platform

Do Dinh-Cuong, Nguyen The-Vinh, Bui Anh-Tu
Corresponding email: [email protected]


This study examined the impact of no-code platform on the efficiency of complex processes, specifically in the context of the university admission process. Using AppSheet as a case study, the study collected data for two years prior to the adoption of the platform and for one year following its adoption. The results showed a significant reduction in terms of submission time, processing time, and human/facility resources required to manage the admission process after the adoption of AppSheet. The reduction in the number of personnel required to manage the admission process, as well as the reduction in processing time, highlights the potential for no-code platforms to improve organizational efficiency and reduce costs. However, the study has several limitations, including a relatively short data collection period and a limited range of metrics used to evaluate the impact of AppSheet on the admission process. Additional investigation is required to fully evaluate the effectiveness of no-code platforms in managing complex processes and to determine the potential ethical or legal issues associated with their use. Overall, the results of the study suggest that no-code platforms have the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of complex processes and improve overall organizational performance.

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