Exploring practitioners’ knowledge of circular economy in the Ghanaian construction industry

Emmanuel Asiedu, Andrew Victor K. Blay Jnr, Senyo Kwame Denutsui
Corresponding email: [email protected]


The circular economy model is gaining traction in a multitude of sectors, including construction. Incorporating this model into construction operations is anticipated to promote environmental sustainability while improving the industry’s notorious reputation. This study investigates the knowledge level and comprehension of circular economy among 13 experienced professionals in the construction industry in Ghana. The research employed a qualitative methodology and used a semi-structured interview schedule to gather data. Participants’ responses were analyzed using a thematic approach. Seven themes were established after participants shared their opinions. The themes included reuse and recycling, waste minimization, resource management, environmental approach, passive design concepts, sustainable/eco-friendly material selection, and collaborating/partnering, with reuse and recycling being the dominant theme. The study’s findings indicate that construction practitioners were primarily concerned with reuse and recycling, with little awareness of circular economy applications. The limited knowledge and huge comprehension gap surrounding the theory and practice of circular economy must be addressed if construction professionals want a sustainable environment.

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