Impact of dehydration on the performance of cricket athletes in Sri Lanka: A systematic review

AKDK Chathurangi
[email protected]


Cricket is a sport highly sensitive to natural weather conditions such as temperature, rainfall, and sunlight. In regions with hot and humid climates, like Sri Lanka, cricket players often encounter significant physiological challenges, resulting in substantial fluid loss and dehydration. This dehydration can have direct or indirect consequences on their precision and tactical performance during matches. This study primarily aimed to explore the broader implications of various environmental factors on the dehydration levels of cricket players and how this condition influences their motor and skill performance. The research findings revealed a noteworthy negative impact of excessive hydration on the physiological, motor, and skill performance of cricket athletes, particularly in the context of hot and humid conditions, as frequently experienced in Sri Lanka. Understanding these effects is crucial for cricket players and their support teams to develop tailored strategies that optimize hydration, mitigate performance decline, and enhance overall gameplay in challenging environmental conditions.

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