Improving the functionality, 5S rating, and inventory management system of the supply department of a regimental academy in the Philippines through industrial engineering applications

Geraldine G. Nerona, Jorina R. Bohol, Kyla Nicole R. Decena, Jonathan N. Jose, Anjelika N. De Guzman, John Carlo R. Rodriguez, Kate Shyra M. Abiado, Mark Christian O. Aquino, Sandra Nicole L. Antolin, Nicole Ivy G. Kalaw, Anne Claire N. Paulino
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The Philippine Military Academy’s (PMA) Cadet Mess Supply Room is the institution’s essential area for storing and dispatching tableware on a daily basis, as well as during conferences, functions, and events on the premises. Initial inspection and assessments done by the research team and Cadet Mess Supply Room staff revealed a lack of proper storing and inventory management, resulting in over and under-purchasing of supplies due to outdated inventory. The supply room was also cluttered and disorganized, which led to safety concerns and low functionality. Case study methodology and descriptive-comparative analysis were used to analyze collected data before and after the implementation of solutions. Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) was employed to design and implement a new facility layout that improved the workflow and workspaces of the supply room. The 5S methodology was implemented to sort, clean, and organize supplies and furniture in the supply room. Information systems tools were used to develop an Excel-based inventory management system to improve inventory accuracy, timeliness, and traceability. The interventions and solutions implemented resulted in significant improvements in the supply room’s functionality, 5S practice, and inventory management system from “moderately satisfactory” in the pretest, to “excellent” and “very satisfactory” ratings in the post-test. The new facility layout also increased productivity and efficiency among the supply clerks, since it minimized the time needed to stack, locate and release supplies. The practice of 5S encouraged cleanliness and orderliness within the supply room. The computer-based inventory management system facilitated accurate and up-to-date inventory data management and timely replenishment of supplies.

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