Life priority and satisfaction during the COVID-19 pandemic of OFW teachers in Thailand

Aldrin C. Go
Technological University of the Philippines
[email protected]


This study is action research using a quantitative approach to define the influence of Life Priorities based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: physiological, love and belonging, safety and security, self-esteem, self-actualization, and life satisfaction amidst of pandemic. The study’s data comprised 264 OFW Teachers in Thailand via a Google Form questionnaire and utilized non-probability sampling: purposive, convenience, and snowball. G*Power was utilized to calculate the sample size. In SPSS, multiple linear regression was used to test hypotheses at a 0.95 significance level. Demographics of respondents: Gen X has the highest mean rating ratings; females outnumber men; married status is most common; yearly income varies by tenure. The mean rating on the Life priorities and Satisfaction results showed that the respondents were extremely satisfied. The Life Priorities and Life Satisfaction and the demographic assessment showed that boomers II and females were more concerned about love and belonging, married marital status was more concerned about psychological needs, and the greater the income, the more psychological needs. Finally, the study discovered that psychological, love and belonging, safety and security, and self-actualization are the factors that influence life satisfaction. The study recommended the following: the Philippine Government’s Policymakers, Educators, and Psychologists: Develop a program for OFW Teachers in Thailand that can improve the wellness of daily living, leading to extreme life experiences; The OFW Teachers in Thailand: To be involved in the activities that can improve Life satisfaction and encourage others to keep a positive outlook during the pandemic, and future Researchers: it is suggested to increase the number of respondents to normalize data distribution and add additional variable constructs like coping strategies.

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