Students’ acceptance of learning management system: Analysis of responses based on generational differences

Mohamad Syafri, Jayanti Puspita Dewi
Corresponding email: [email protected]


The dynamic improvement of technology has led the world to move at lightning speed, affecting aspects of human life, including education. The Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the crucial technologies nowadays, especially during and post-COVID-19. Prior studies have explored this subject, including seeing the user’s responses. However, little of the study could have a vast range with various background users as most education institutions are unlikely to have students from too heterogeneous backgrounds, especially age. Thus, this study aims to see how people from different generations, namely Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z, respond to the LMS application. The study took place at Universitas Terbuka, one of the universities that implemented distance learning in their learning process. The 23-question adapted from the Technology Acceptance Model of Davis was designed and sent to students of Universitas Terbuka using Google Forms. Two main aspects of technology acceptance, behavior, and technology usefulness were the focus. Kendall’s Tau formula was utilized to analyze the obtained survey data. The findings show that all generations respond well to technology: Generation X (2,04/2,15), Millenials (1,90/1,94), and Generation Z (2,07/2,17). The further analysis explained that there was no correlation between age and technology acceptance for behavior towards technology (0,964) and usefulness (0,886). The research result is believed to help educators and stakeholders maximize the use of technology in education. It also brings a broader point of view regarding the issues by serving as the basis and reference for E-learning studies. This research is considered to be beneficial for those focusing on integrating technology into distance learning.

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