Teachers’ attitude in writing research in schools of Bhutan

Bhuwan Chandra Ghalley
Damphu Central School, Tsirang, Bhutan
[email protected]

Research writing has become a need for all occupations, and teaching is no exception. Only a few instructors in Bhutan are engaged in research writing, either owing to a lack of ideas or the high burden of the job. Teachers are also encouraged to undertake research by the Ministry of Education, and each year a little sum is granted to teachers to perform research in their schools with an endowment fund. This study was undertaken to determine how many instructors are truly interested in conducting research and their research capacity. On these premises, a study was applied to assess the research capability of faculty teachers across Bhutan. It utilized descriptive, correlational, and explanatory designs. It administered survey questionnaires to 191 teachers’ participants of from above two districts. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. According to the findings, there are just a few capable teachers who can behave themselves effectively in the field of research writing. It is possible that the explanation is due to a heavy workload and a lack of support from the school administration. The desire to undertake research is entirely dependent on their abilities as well as departmental support. The two teacher training collages do provide instruction in research writing which started few years back. The ANOVA, t-test, and correlation were used in SPSS software to obtain the results that came out to be positively significant relationship with their motivational and reward system. The interest of writing research deteriorates as the reward system shifts and the research use is not in place. The motivation to place in writing down research, the number of studies completed, and motivational reward were the determinants of research capability.

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