American films as an educational tool for character development of teenagers

Universitas Prima Indonesia, Indonesia
Corresponding Email: [email protected]

American superhero-themed films can represent good characteristics and they could be a good way of developing one’s characteristics. By utilizing American animation, superhero and fantasy films as the main data such as Fantastic 4 (2005), Fantastic 4: Rise of Silver Surfer (2007), Frozen (2013), Black Panther (2018), Frozen II (2019), and Aladdin (2019), this qualitative research focuses on the significance of character development and the representations of good characteristics depicted in the films which can be used as a tool for character education. The process of analysis involved the use of Stuart Hall’s representation theory. The results of study suggested that character is something that is essential to develop, especially in teenagers and it is not only about having a good attitude, but it also involves living a good life. In addition, this study showed that at least five good characteristics such as caring, tolerance, politeness, solidarity and kindness frequently appeared in the observed films which can be used as media for teaching about characters at schools or informal educational institutions.

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