Assessment of servant leadership and ethical climate: The case of administrators and supervisors

Geff B. Sagala, Ismael A. Haguisan III, Ene J. Bauden
STI West Negros University, Bacolod City Philippines
University of Antique, Philippines
La Consolacion College Bacolod, Philippines
Corresponding Email: [email protected]

Servant leadership and ethical climate are philosophies in which the leader’s goal is to serve humanity ethically. This study assessed the level of servant leadership and ethical climate of the administrators and supervisors in a private hospital. This descriptive comparative correlational research study surveyed 111 employees using a validated and reliable researchers-made instrument. The researchers used the mean, standard deviation, t-test, and Pearson Product Moment of Correlation Coefficient to analyze the findings. The results showed that administrators and supervisors have a high level of servant leadership and adhere to ethical practices. This implies that the supervisors were into pro-social development to perform their moral obligations in their working environment. This study also proved a positive correlation between servant leadership and ethical climate. It is therefore recommended to further promote servant leadership and practice of ethical climate in the workplace through training programs that will raise awareness about these concepts.

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