Radio advertising influence, selection factors and advertisers’ satisfaction of radio broadcasting in one city

Rechie B. Pabelona, Samson M. Lausa
Corresponding email: [email protected]


Radio for advertisers is often seen as an outdated type of media. Today, the media is changing rapidly to digitalization and on-line advertising, which can be seen in radio as well. This study aims to determine the influence of radio advertisement, client radio-selection factors, and client satisfaction of radio broadcasting. Using a validated survey questionnaire and desk and filed research conducted by the researchers themselves, a descriptive research design was used to examine the 27 local advertisers of a single radio station in one city of the Province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. The advertisers were grouped according to their nature of business, organization type, length of advertising engagement, client type, and advertising package. The Mean, the Mann Whitney-U, and the Kruskal-Wallis were utilized for viewing and analyzing the study’s outcomes. Findings revealed that the influence of radio advertisement is generally high. Specifically, results showed that the influence of radio advertisement on sales is high while moderate on market shares and the extent of radio selection factors is high. The study also revealed that advertisement cost is of utmost consideration among advertisers when selecting which station to advertise and that they are happy with the services of the radio advertising. Likewise, the digital broadcasting revealed a moderate influence both on sales and on market shares. The absence of differences on the extent of advertising influence to sales and market shares, the extent of radio selection factors, and the extent of advertisers’ satisfaction is also evident. Further, the findings revealed no significant difference between the advertising package and sales and between advertising package and market shares. The study’s findings enable radio advertisers and radio stations to investigate novel programs and marketing strategies that will support business operations and boost profit margins year after year.

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