The one town, one product program of Cavite Province: A focus on the growth-impeding constraints

Jerico B. Tadeo, Marlon A. Mojica
Corresponding email: [email protected]


The Philippines and other ASEAN member countries have adopted the promotion of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as a key strategy in addressing this global concern. OTOP Philippines is a key strategic project for MSMEs in promoting inclusive local economic growth. This study determined the profile of OTOP stores and identified their respective internal and external growth constraints and the extent through descriptive-correlational-causal designs utilizing 58 OTOP enterprises in the province of Cavite. Results revealed that the enterprises were identified as microenterprises and are solvent. In addition, people were identified as the common internal constraint, while the political aspect was noted as the external constraint using the Pareto analysis. Correspondingly, insignificant effects of a business profile on the extent of growth-impeding constraints were noted. The study recommends using long-run and short-run enterprise strategies for OTOP enterprises that may foster growth as a foundation of the pandemic take-off strategy. A model-based approach intervention for local government as a pandemic[1]jumpstart approach in stimulating growth among OTOP enterprises in Cavite may also be conducted.

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